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So Pat Buchanan, who certainly has more serious transgressions to answer for than alleged disloyalty to his past employer, is the latest suspect, according to the execrable Joshua Micah Marshall. Marshall is atwitter because, mirabile dictu, Buchanan won’t confirm or deny! Um, Josh, Stanley Kutler in Slate supplies a slightly more persuasive explanation. And as […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted June 19, 2002 @ 4:30 PM | General

The relevance of Eric Hoffer’s book The True Believer to suicide bombing is obvious, and Jason Rubenstein has an excellent post about it. You could do worse than this if you want to understand the character of the suicide bomber: There is a tendency to judge a race, a nation or any distinct group by […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted June 19, 2002 @ 11:36 AM | General