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It looks from my reefer logs that several people have tried to comment and not gotten through. If that’s you, or if you’ve had any trouble of this sort in the past, please email me (aaron at godofthemachine dot com or here), and advise. I’ve been thinking about switching from Greymatter to Movable Type anyway, […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted February 6, 2003 @ 7:05 PM | Navel-Gazing

Turns out Canada has a “notwithstanding clause,” “a rarely-exercised legislative veto allowing some individual rights to be suspended, explicitly, where a statute conflicts with them.” (Cosh: it’s not just hockey and Canadian football any more.) Hey, great: just like Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution! You remember, that was the one Hitler used to suspend […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted February 6, 2003 @ 11:50 AM | Politics