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Don’t you hate it when people tell you to read something, when what you really need is less to read, not more? This blog, as ever, is at your service. First stop reading the newspaper. My grievances against Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes are many and serious, but I have always admired his steadfast refusal to […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 27, 2003 @ 12:23 PM | Blogs,Literature

Friedrich von Blowhard is on about story structure: My son loves to watch Stuart Little 2; consequently, I have listened to this film a large number of times while out doing errands. Hearing the movie all the way through repeatedly, it finally dawned on me that its basic story structure is broken up into four […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 24, 2003 @ 8:54 PM | Literature

Alexander Pope is the most widely quoted English poet after Shakespeare. You know a good deal of Pope whether you realize it or not. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. A little learning is a dangerous thing. What oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed. To err is human, to forgive divine. […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 21, 2003 @ 11:26 PM | Poetry

What goes around comes around. Carleton College, which tossed me unceremoniously twenty years ago, now wants to cash in on my international fame by interviewing me about blogging for their alumni magazine. Fine. I can afford to be magnanimous about these things. Here’s the Q&A. 1. I notice that your archives go back to June […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 19, 2003 @ 2:22 PM | Blogs,Navel-Gazing

Will the Google madness never stop? I can only hope so; in the meantime, welcome, visitors from the exotic lands of depression quitting pot Tom Petty neither here nor there critical tits 2003 I believe Michael Kelly Ann Coulter mental illness wheelchair bondage pitchers of god how do you kill the undead and, finally, libertarian […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 19, 2003 @ 10:03 AM | Navel-Gazing

Trading Spaces, as recent visitors from distant galaxies may not be aware, is the biggest hit show on cable television. Two homeowners, given a decorator, a carpenter’s services, and $1,000 budget, have two days to redo a room in each other’s house. I watch it for the same reason everyone does, because I find before […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 16, 2003 @ 8:41 PM | Culture

MDMA, better-known as Ecstasy, has been shown to cause Parkinson’s Disease in monkeys if the monkeys had actually been getting MDMA. As it happens they were getting methamphetamine instead. Derek Lowe, himself a pharmaceutical chemist, eviscerates the authors politely, as a professional courtesy: I’m sure that some people are going to point the finger at […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 11, 2003 @ 4:28 PM | Business,Politics

Like all products of high school social studies classes (the day history became “social studies” was a watershed in American public education), I have been lectured on the evil of voting literacy tests and poll taxes. They are now against the law, thanks to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the 24th Amendment, respectively, […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 9, 2003 @ 9:02 PM | Politics

I have at long last become a blogparent, courtesy of Forager23, a promising youth who is already listed in the blogroll. Congratulations are also in order for my co-parents The Blowhards, giving Forager, technically, three mommies. They are incidentally chock-full of excellent reading as usual, especially Michael’s two-part interview with intrepid sonneteer Mike Snider and […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 6, 2003 @ 7:12 PM | Blogs,Navel-Gazing

The other night the girlfriend and I, as we often do, were eating pastrami at Katz’s on the Lower East Side, the last place in New York to slice its pastrami by hand. Katz’s, like many famous old restaurants, is decorated with photographs of the owner and various celebrities. Politicians flock to the place like […]

Aaron Haspel | Posted September 5, 2003 @ 11:01 AM | Culture