Trent Lott, as everyone knows, is a hair guy. But what sort of hair guy is he?

Fly Not quite so fly

On the left, the silky tresses of John Kerry (D-Christophe). On the right, the over-aerosoled helmet of Trent Lott (R-Some guy with more than one name). Note the grainy texture. The unbroken crescent across the center. The eerie near-symmetry about the X-axis. Ladies, which coif do you want to run your hands through? Is it even a contest?

There is plenty of room, God knows, for hair guys in the Senate. But unless the Republicans elect the #1 hair guy Majority Leader they shouldn’t elect a hair guy at all. The conclusion is ineluctable. Lott must go.

Aaron Haspel | Posted December 11, 2002 @ 12:43 PM | General

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