I just want to say thank you, to everyone, for the remarkably high class of comments here — so high-class that they often make me wish I had written something better in the first place to justify them. Professional philosophers correct me about philosophy, polyglots about language, lawyers about law, poets and critics about poetry, national champions about bridge, the rest of you about everything else. In eight months of blogging I’ve received fewer than a dozen nasty or pointless comments, and hundreds of well-reasoned, polite, humorous, and pertinent ones. I’m overwhelmed, seriously, and this is just a small measure of my gratitude, to all of you.

Aaron Haspel | Posted March 13, 2003 @ 10:53 PM | Navel-Gazing

6 Responses to “This Post’s For You”

  1. 1 1. Jim

    You’re the most, Aaron.

  2. 2 2. Felicity McCarthy

    Your commenters are polite and intellegent, because your posts are courteous, intellegent, and almost completely gratuitous-rant-free.

    How is that for cause and effect?

  3. 3 3. Deb English

    My mother taught me to always be polite to my elders. ;o)

  4. 4 4. Aaron Haspel

    And you were doing well Deb, until then.

  5. 5 5. C.Bloggerfeller

    Ta! As they say round my way. (Actually, I’m more of a dilettante than a polyglot, I’m afraid).

  6. 6 6. Ian

    Fewer than a dozen pointless comments? Yikes, I gotta comment more!


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