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Advanced Pitching Search

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BB -- Walks allowed
CG -- Complete games
ERA -- Earned run average
G -- Games pitched
H -- Hits allowed
HR -- Home runs allowed
IP -- Innings pitched
K -- Strikeouts
L -- Losses
S -- Games started
Sho -- Shutouts
SV -- Saves
W -- Wins
W% -- Winning percentage
Year -- Season searches only

Search Tips

1. Decide whether you want to search career or season statistics and choose the radio button at the top accordingly.

2. Check the criteria you want to include. Only the checked criteria will be processed by the search engine. Be sure to include a value for each criterion that you check, or the search will fail.

3. Don't use quotation marks. Just type the numbers as you normally would, using decimals for winning percentage and ERA.

4. There are four choices for each search criterion: greater than, less than, equal to, and between. The first three are obvious. The fourth, however, requires two numbers. To use it, type a comma between the numbers. For example, to restrict your search to the 1950s, check "Year", choose "between" and type "1950,1959" into the text box. "Between" includes the endpoints, so your search would return all applicable results between 1950 and 1959, inclusive.

5. "Clear" does exactly what you'd think. It clears all the values and check boxes so you can start your search again from scratch.

6. A picture of a valid search might help. This asks for all pitchers who won 24 games or more in a single season with an ERA under 2.50 since 1960.