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Welcome to the revised baseball page. Note first the search function. Yes, it works. Just type in the name of your favorite player, choose batting or pitching, and hit the search button. Go on, I'll wait.

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Advanced Batting Search | Advanced Pitching Search

That's easy, and Baseball-Reference does it far better than I do. But the nifty part comes when you choose advanced hitting or advanced pitching. To the best of my knowledge, and it is an odd fact, there is no site on the web that allows you to make customized queries against a historical baseball database. So if you really must know which players hit 20 doubles, 20 triples and 20 home runs in the same season, now, for the first time, you can find out.

There are limitations. I don't have data for this year yet. I have fielding, playoff, team and managerial data, but I haven't gotten around to writing an interface for searching and displaying them. The error-checking could be improved. But I need some encouragement to do these things. Drop me a line, or better still, send me some money, and I just might be persuaded.

I also write on baseball in my blog occasionally. Here's what's up so far:

06.04.03: Moneyball — Why Billy Beane plays General Manager way better than anybody else.
05.01.03: Fragments of Fragments — Get Rob Neyer something useful to do.
04.21.03: VI — Because what baseball needs is a new statistic.
12.12.02: Bad Argument Clinic: Pete Rose — Obligatory.
12.09.02: Hall of Fame — The candidates evaluated.
11.06.02: The Red Sox? — The new hotbed of statistical analysis.
10.22.02: Bonds To Retire? — Idle rumors from unreliable sources.
10.17.02: World Series Preview — With amusing comments.
09.15.2002: MVP — Why sportswriters can't read.
07.16.2002: Win Shares, Pt. 2 — Five things Bill James taught me about fielding.
06.21.2002: The Dullest Game in the World, Pt. 2 — Baseball is fascinating, as long as you don't actually watch.
06.18.2002: The Dullest Game in the World — No, really, it is.
06.16.2002: The Bill James Version — A short course in Win Shares.