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Andrea Harris and Colby Cosh have noted this story about Brighton’s West Pier concert hall, which could not lawfully be demolished but fell into the English Channel notwithstanding. In its mid-70s heyday National Lampoon used to publish authentic news items as found humor, and one of them concerned environmentalists cleaning off animals after an oil […]

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I await this Internet quiz, which is bound to be more instructive than Christian theologian or Euroweenie. Colby Cosh admits to weaknesses for the em-dash and the semicolon. This is small-time. The semicolon is obsolescent, and its users evince a harmless nostalgia for those glorious days when which was which and that was that and […]

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Making a living is beginning to interfere with Arthur Silber’s blogging. Go visit and demand that he get well soon. (Update: The blogger who cried wolf is posting again! That’s it: next time, no obituary.)

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(To the tune of “Maria,” from The Sound of Music) He builds a nuke without rebuke Then asks for foreign aid. He thumbs his nose at those who will Clean up the mess he’s made. Amassing troops at the border, Dear Leader’s not an asset to world order. He’s always breaking treaties, But his penitence […]

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