In breaking Great White news, missing and presumably charred guitarist Ty Longley turns out to have starred in several adult entertainments under the nom de porn of “Tybo.” There are of course excellent reasons for choosing an alias for one’s pornographic career, but really, what a waste: blessed with the Christian name of Ty Longley, how could the man have improved on the original? (Link from Tha Weissblog by way of Colby Cosh.)

Aaron Haspel | Posted February 28, 2003 @ 4:04 PM | Culture

3 Responses to “Ty Your Mother Down”

  1. 1 1. Outraged

    You really need to stop the bullshit lies about Ty Longley. The man died and all you can do is make up lies?. It is truely amazing how jealous people will make up stuff about people they don’t know. Ty was too busy with his music. You people need to grow up and get a life.

  2. 2 2. Aaron Haspel

    Um, dude, his porn career is pretty well-attested, not to mention hard to deny. And it’s "truly."

  3. 3 3. family member

    Um, dude, I am a family member of Ty’s and can personally attest, that he is not the "Tybo" in porn. First of all, try searching under the porn name Tybo on the internet….it’s a chic.

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