Nov 232002

The Daily Dose, Letter from Gotham, Clay Waters and Dodgeblog (admittedly a borderline case) have all folded in the last two weeks it must be a trend, because that’s four examples, one more than Mickey Kaus says I need. I have enjoyed reading all of these people and am sorry to see them go. But enough about them! The important question is, if they’ve all found paying work, can I be far behind?

(Update: Letter from Gotham lasted two weeks, and then she couldn’t take it any more.)

  5 Responses to “R.I.P.”

  1. Are you fallout from the programming/internet job recession? You looking for any job or just computer stuff? Sorry, I do not have a lead, just curious.

  2. I dunno if "fallout" is the term I prefer, but, well, yeah. And I’ll consider other jobs besides programming: I can copy edit, for instance, like nobody’s business.

  3. Yeah, I have work, but it’s still not enough to pay the bills, so I’ve got to focus my efforts on something that pays more. 🙂 But still, it’s a darn sight better than a year ago!

  4. Aaron, I hope you do find useful, interesting employment but whatever please keep the blog going. I dont always agree with you but I always find your blogs intesteing and thoughtful.

  5. ps – being conservative (small c note) by nature, I prefer the old colour(color).

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