Nov 272002

I began writing this post ten minutes ago, and it has been sitting on my hard drive since then, mostly gathering dust, if posts could gather dusts on hard drives.

Now, however, I have decided it’s time to take a stand.

I can no longer include on God of the Machine‘s blogroll any weblog that has provided a permanent blogroll link of its own to the site known as Rittenhouse Review or “RR.”

It is with great regret, considerable lament and substantial redundancy that I have adopted this position — or been forced to adopt this position — as I am normally a passionate advocate of amusing one’s readers. However, it has become painfully clear that RR does not share these values.

I am determined to distance myself in every possible way from their endeavor and those who support it. Lest I be tainted in any way, I shall exclude from my blogroll not only those who link to RR, but also everyone who links to those who link to those who link to RR, and to be on the safe side, everyone who links to those who link to those who link to those who link to RR.

I fully expect to be disparaged with merciless unfairness and obloquy and…what’s that? There won’t be anybody left for me to link to at all? And no one gives a fuck who I link to anyway? Oh. Then never mind.

  5 Responses to “I’ll Take My Stand”

  1. You, too, Aaron? I can’t believe it. I am now living in a world where dark is light, and up is down. Is nothing sacred anymore?

  2. Looking at your blogroll, this affects no one.

  3. Jim, when are you gonna do something about that R. Robot, uh, guy?

    Mark, did you read the whole post? It’s quite short, and most of the words are no more than two syllables.

  4. Nice one. I kind of like Rittenhouse myself, but can’t say they didn’t deserve this…

  5. I cannot, in conscience, link to anyone who links to anyone. Sorry. =O

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