May 152003

I receive a suspicious number of hits for search strings containing “analysis” — “Emily Dickinson there’s a certain slant of light analysis,” and “analysis invictus” and “herrick virgins time analysis” and the like. (On the other hand, I’m #30 on Google for “bestiality tutorial.”) Finally, yesterday, “Alison” fessed up:

AAAAHHHHH somebody help-im reciting this poem sonnet for a speech and drama exam tomorrow, ive been trying to find info on Lizzy [Elizabeth Daryush, who may not have answered to “Lizzy”] for ages but cant find anything im so frustrated!! anyway id just thought id let you all know-some of your comments were helpful though! Bye

You know, Alison, in my day we didn’t have this new-fangled Internet thingy. We had to walk ten miles through a blizzard to the library to plagiarize Lionel Trilling. And we liked it! helping high school students with their speech and drama homework since 2002.

  6 Responses to “Mail Call II”

  1. And it was uphill both ways!

    Shame on you, Aaron, for making fun of a kid using whatever resources she has to learn about poetry! Hopefully she did well reciting her poem sonnet.

  2. Aaron, I have to prepare a special dish for a party tonight. Could you help me w/ a recipe for Tossed Salad?

  3. Just a minute there, Jeff. Are you in high school?

  4. Sorry, didn’t realize you had added ageist to your previously described list of -ists.

  5. Hey, count yourself lucky. I get search strings for "Cinderella Marxist analysis of", "Cinderella feminist perspective", "Cinderella how racist is it?" One day I’m going to provide answers to those queries and get my revenge.

  6. heys, i am trying to find out all the forms of critical responses to cinderella stories… marxist/feminist/ plain old child effecrs…. yet i cant find a thing!!!!! HELP please?!?!?!

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