Jun 232003

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. Colby Cosh is now officially unemployed and needs your money, for which he is too proud to beg more than twice. Yes, we want Colby to have plenty of leisure for blogging, but we also want to keep him in food, cigs, and an Internet connection, and I’ve heard tell that those Alberta summers can be pretty harsh. If you haven’t been reading Colby, you’d best start, and if you have, then you know how consistently good he is, so cough up. This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system. If this were a real emergency, you would be instructed to give me money instead.

  3 Responses to “Is This Thing On?”

  1. Why should I give Colby money? After all, he certainly didn’t give me any when I was employed, and I’d be rather surprised if he gave you any money while you were jobless.

  2. Since I have money to spare right now, and he doesn’t, I’ll give him some, which I think he’s earned by virtue of excellent blogging. When I was broke he didn’t give me any money, to my knowledge, either because he couldn’t spare it or because he didn’t think I’d earned it. Neither has any bearing on whether I should donate to him.

  3. Heh. Are in danger of becoming unemployed?

    My young friend Steve, refering to a period of ambiguous work status, said he was "implicated in employment."

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