Aug 032003

No posts of “crystalline beauty” (–Greg Hlatky, who must be making some kind of chemistry joke) seem to be materializing. Try these instead.

Evan Kirchhoff rips Andrew Sullivan a new, er, one, on the subject of “gay bears.” Have I mentioned that Evan Kirchhoff is a genius? Why yes. Yes I have.

Floyd McWilliams, the scourge of the San Jose Mercury News letters page, on fact checking for me but not for thee.

Eve Tushnet, discussing Marvel comics, gets around to the purpose of literature, in her scattered but endearing way. I will post some thoughts on this, my stomping grounds, when I locate my crystalline-beauty-tron again.

Modern education: what is to be done? Friedrich von Blowhard reaches some dubious conclusions but provides a lot of great history along the way.

Christopher DeRosa on why no one evaluates Derek Jeter rationally, except him.

Jerome du Bois on art-sadist Santiago Sierra. It is lengthy, but if you read only one, read this one. (Via Andrea Harris.)

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  1. Ah, thank you. I have now added Evan Kirchhoff to my list of regulars. I have to be really careful not to read his blog after midnight, though, because my family is trying to sleep, and my braying out loud with laughter is apparently disturbing their slumber.

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