Jul 192002

I never thought I’d see the day. A new contender giving undisputed champion of ponderous, literal-minded tendentiousness David Horowitz a run for his money? In this corner, the challenger, The Rittenhouse Review:

Remember back in grade school, there was that really annoying kid, the loud-mouthed know-it-all with the obnoxious parents who were always shoving Stalinist pamphlets in your parents mailbox and trying to unionize the cafeteria ladies?

You know, the kid who was always spouting a bunch of crap about the Rosenbergs and Rosa Luxem-something when all you wanted to do was play a friggin game of stickball?

Well, hes still around.

Only now he has his own weblog.

We call first dibs on “HorowitzWatch.”

And in this corner, the defending champion:

The Rittenhouse Review is a leftist blog with all the hallmarks of the species – the compulsive deception and the twisted understanding of the past and the future. For the record, I loved stickball when I was a kid. And unlike the Rittenhouse commies, I am no longer handing out Stalinist pamphlets. Actually, the Rittenhouse gang are evidently not old enough to have any conception of what it was like to be a youngster in the Communist left during the Cold War era. There were NO loud-mouthed kids in grade school handing out Stalinist pamphlets to anyone, let alone organizing the cafeteria ladies (thats what post-modern commies do). In those days we were very much like the Rittenhouse gang is now: always pretending to be something we were not. Liberals for instance.

I say it’s still Horowitz, but only on points. Can we all get back to stickball now?

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