Jan 102004

The students

Angelina Staccato: Michele Catalano
Forrest Swisher: Agenda Bender
Wing-Ding Weisenheimer: Ken Goldstein
Gilbert Scrabbler: Steven Den Beste
Woolworth Van Husen III: Felix Salmon
Purdy Spackle: Kim du Toit
Chuck Farley: Stephen Green
French Lambretta: Pejman Yousefzadeh (fantasy)
Franklin Furter: Pejman Yousefzadeh (reality)
Madison Jones: Eddie Thomas
Faun Rosenberg: Eve Tushnet
Amana Peppridge: Glenn Reynolds
“Alphabits”: Salam Pax
Howard Havermeyer: Cinderella Bloggerfeller
Lawrence Kroger: James Lileks

The teachers

Mr. Vernon Wormer: Emperor Misha
Mr. Dwight Mannsburden: A.C. Douglas
Miss Dolores Panatella: Susannah Breslin
Miss Violet Coolidge: Mika Cooper
Miss Marilyn Armbruster: Dr. Weevil

(Update: Wing-Ding comments.)

  11 Responses to “Life Is Exactly Like the National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook Parody”

  1. Oooohhh….I am steaming, Haspel, steaming! Even Rufus Leaking is better than the Mad Crapper. And where would you be on the list, hmmm? Perhaps you can add yourself as Carl S. Lepper.

  2. Lepper? "Don’t forget ROTC in the fall?" Nah. In high school I was sort of a combination of Swisher and Leaking.

  3. Have I been maligned here, Haspel? I’ve not the foggiest who Dwight Mannsburden is, or what he might represent.

    I demand an accounting!


  4. Apparently you don’t know the High School Yearbook Parody, and you should. Mr. Mannsburden is the music teacher at Kefauver High; you got off pretty light, considering.

  5. Yeah, it could have been a lot worse. (Dead, Haspel…)

  6. Apparently you don’t know the High School Yearbook Parody, and you should. Mr. Mannsburden is the music teacher at Kefauver High; you got off pretty light, considering.


    Well, if you think I’m going to buy that bloody book (I’ve no easy access to a library where I live) just to find out how badly you skewered me, think again. I’ll just assume you stuck it to me real good.

    Seems a safe bet.



  7. You got off light, I swear. But if you buy the book you won’t be sorry. The library copy would have been stolen anyway.

  8. You got off light, I swear.

    Ha! A likely story.

    Well, I don’t mind being skewered (I trust you accomplished it with an aristocratic flourish, and not with the blunt instrument of the prole). It’s just that I feel so left out. Appreciating the skewering, that is.


  9. I need some help too, although I’m guessing that Madison Jones is the one who is just happy to wind up in a parody at all.

  10. I just remembered that WIng-Ding wasn’t actually the Mad Crapper. My apologies.

  11. Not quite sure how I got here … ah, yeah … a search engine. Just a brief memory. The "Wing Ding" in the original 1964 Annual Parody was portrayed by Andrew Friend. In 1973, the year before the Annual Parody came out Andy and I were both in exile in the "Experiment in International Living Program. We lived, hung out, and got in hot water and deep caca together many times while in Mexico. At the time I was 16 and he was 15 years old. I’m sure that I was a bad influence. After our group came back to the states we wrote incoherent correspondence back in forth for a short while. Then I lost track of him. So to my surprise about a year later my mother said to me, "Isn’t this your friend Andy?" … and showed me the latest issue of Time Magazine … which featured a review of the Parody. There was one photo contained in the favorable review. There was Andy … in full glory … as "Wing Ding" Weisenheimer.

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