Oct 262006

The In-Laws

Am I old, or is
yelling “Serpentine!” not as
funny as before?

About Schmidt

Midwestern schlemiels
do not sit behind the bench
at Laker games.

Das Boot

The TV is clear
of dust where the red envelope
has lain three weeks.

Good Morning, Night

What was I thinking?
What the fuck was I thinking?
Thanks, Michael Blowhard!

  5 Responses to “Netflix Haiku”

  1. I don’t know about old, but dead is a distinct possibility.

  2. Though I’m no expert on the pronunciation of “schlemiels”, it looks like About Schmidt has one too many syllables.

  3. “Schlemiels” is two syllables (really about one and a half). But I posted the wrong version of the haiku. At any rate, you can’t get too hung up on the syllable count, which is usually 5-7-5 but can be 3-5-3 or whatever-whatever-whatever, within the spirit of the form. As for Cosh, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that — which, on his theory, should be easy for me.

  4. Change the Haiku to two months and you get “Hotel Rwanda”.

  5. Aaron

    great work, but a true haiku has to have a “kigo” (a “keyword” indicating the season). 🙂

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